Sunday, May 25, 2014 | Eastertide

Psalm 66:8–20
Acts 17:22–31
John 14:15–21
1 Peter 3:13–22

As we near the end of the easter season we approach the great celebration of Pentecost. The gospel does not end with the resurrection but continues to see Christ ascend into heaven that he might send the Holy Spirit to be his presence and comfort for his children. Jesus makes this promise in this week’s gospel passage. As a response, we will sing the Getty’s hymn, Holy Spirit. This prayer illustrates the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the lives of all Christians. We will then sing Humble by Audrey Assad. This will remind us of the great cost ofChrist’s incarnation and even alludes to the Acts passage as it references the “Unknown God” who “holds our world in his hands.” We will close the service out with the song we learned last week, “All to Us.” The end of our service is a sort of “sending out.” This song is a prayer sung by the Church and is asking that as we go about the world we would be known for our love of Jesus, the glory of his name, and the righteousness we possess in him. The service will begin with “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” as our call to worship.

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