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Robbie Seay Band and the Psalms

At Christ Community Church, we’ve been experimenting with singing the Psalms over the past year or so. We’ve run the gamut from gospel to chant (within the same Psalm). We’ve drawn from a number of resources and traditions and we continue to explore the rich tradition of singing the psalter.

Recently I learned that worship leader/recording artist Robbie Seay had embarked on a Psalms project that I think may be worth checking out. It is a very contemporary approach to singing the Psalms. While he doesn’t include the entirety of a Psalm, the compositions are rooted in a particular Psalm. When we read and memorize portions of Scripture, this is often how we do it. We find a verse or short passage that we find meaningful. These selections are great ways to let God’s word seep into our hearts and breathe from our lungs.

The project consists of three EPs, the second of which has just been released. They are raising support through Kickstarter to fund the third collection. Volumes one and two can be purchased on iTunes. Below is their Kickstarter video.


All the Saints | CentricWorship

It seems like there have been a lot of EPs released lately. Here is one I ran across recently that I am loving. It’s called “All the Saints” and was released by CentricWorship. The production on this release is live and simple. Recorded at a retreat with a congregation of worship leaders (which explains the beautiful congregational harmonies), there is an honesty that is rare among recent live worship albums. The instrumentation is acoustic and so right up my alley. Many of the tracks are based on familiar hymns. Unlike many similar approaches, I think these guys do it tastefully and well. Take a listen.